Video: Roseanne Speaks at 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest


Actress and TV producer Roseanne Barr made a surprise appearance at the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest in New York City, where she called for “a new capitalism” (video below).

“I’m talking about a system that rewards hard work and ambition, but cares for its weakest child,” she said. "We will simply combine capitalism and socialism into people-ism where ideas work together for a functional system." She also took some shots at Rush Limbaugh and that "g*ddamed Ayn Rand book."

The 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest is in an effort by protesters, who arrived Friday, to inspire others to join them. They are borrowing their tactics from Egyptians who camped in Tahrir Square.

Several hundred protesters are presently encamped one block from the Federal Reserve in a tent city that’s sprung up in a park on Liberty Street, which they’ve renamed “Liberty Plaza” (also known as Zuccotti Park). The protest is being broadcast live on the web.


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