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Video: Rapper Ryan Leslie Ordered to Pay $1 Million Reward for Lost Laptop to Armin Augstein

Rapper Ryan Leslie had his laptop stolen while he was on tour in Cologne, Germany back in November of 2010. Apparently, the laptop contained unreleased songs, so Leslie was desperate to get it back.

Leslie offered a $20,000 reward, but when there was no recovery of the laptop, he upped the reward to $1 million (video below).

Armin Augstein found the laptop and requested the $1 million reward, but Leslie laughed the reward off. Augstein then sued Leslie in a New York City federal court, reports the New York Post.

A jury ruled in favor of Augstein, yesterday, so Leslie will have to pay him the one million dollars.

Augstein told the New York Post: "I’m very happy . . . that the American judicial system, which is so totally different from ours, functioned so well with a jury that are not professionals and are laymen.No one forced him to make an offer of so much money for a finder’s fee. It seems like he believes that that which he promised, he doesn’t have to live up to.”

Leslie said he would consider filing an appeal and told the New York Post: “The reasons I defended myself in the case are the same reasons I believe Mr. Augstein is not entitled to the reward."


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