Video: Randall Willis Shoots Terminally-Ill Wife in Mercy Killing

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In Seffner, Florida, authorities say that 61-year-old Randall Willis shot and killed his terminally-ill wife Gilda Beth before calling law enforcement to turn himself in (video below). 

Sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon said that Randall called 911 shortly after noon on Tuesday to say that he shot his wife to "put her out of her misery" and because "she suffered too much."

According to The Daily Mail, Randall also told the 911 operator that his wife's health insurance had been cancelled and they were facing eviction:  "She needed her pills refilled, she was suffering. We’ve been through hell and I, I couldn’t see her suffer anymore. We were being evicted today."

After the 911 call, Randall placed his gun on the TV, walked out on the porch and waited for deputies to arrive.

Randall’s son, Russell Willis was shocked at the killing and apparently was unaware that his mother had a terminal illness.


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