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Video: Melissa Mozzo-Mart Attacked by Dollar Tree Store Manager Over Couponing

Melissa Mozzo-Mart and Jennifer Hill were shopping at a Dollar Tree store in Germantown, Tennessee, the day before Thanksgiving, when they were told by the store's manager that they brought too many coupons.

Ironically, the Dollar Tree store had posted a large sign on its windows that it was now accepting coupons, reports ABC News.

Hill told ABC News: "We were told we were harassing her [the store manager] trying to use those coupons and she threatened to call the cops."

Mozzo-Mart or Hill recorded the incident on their cell phone (video below) with the store manager, who told them: "I guess you better make like water and get to running."

Hill left the store first and watched Mozzo-Mart collect her coupons and made her way to the door.

But before Mozzo-Mart could exit, she was attacked by the store manager.

Dollar Tree officials told ABC News that they are taking the incident "very seriously" and it is under investigation.


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