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Video: Las Vegas Nightclub 'X Train' Plans Trips From Vegas to L.A.

The X Train, a fancy party train with big screen TVs, recliners and two ultra lounges, will make its first trip on New Years Eve 2013, if all goes as planned.

Michael Barron, president and CEO of Las Vegas Railway Express, told the Daily Mail: "The whole idea is when you get on a train, you feel like you’re in Las Vegas. It’s essentially a nightclub on wheels."

Tickets for the adults-only train would cost $99 each way and include a meal and beverage. Of course, more alcohol can be purchased on board.

The XpressWest project is a multi-billion-dollar proposal that will require building new tracks from Victorville, California, about 100 miles outside of Los Angeles, to Las Vegas.

The X Train proposal calls for an Amtrak crew aboard a 576-passenger train. A conditional agreement with Union Pacific will allow the X Train to use a rail line that’s currently used for freight trains and hasn’t served passengers since 1997.

Initial plans are for one trip a day on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

Barron believes people would rather ride a train than take the jammed up Interstate 15: "Sunday is horrific. So now you’ve been up for 40 hours gambling and you have to drive for seven hours, that’s just horrible. But people do it in spite of that!"

Barron is not the only one who has this idea. A new Greyhound Express nonstop bus route between L.A. and Las Vegas launched earlier this month.

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