Video: J.C. Penny Pulls "Sexist" Phoebe Cates Ad


J.C. Penny has pulled an ad that many people found sexist, while others found it simply sexy.

The commercial featured ESPN personality Kenny Mayne saying "J.C. Penney realizes you don't like advertising for clothes. Who does?" He goes on to make viewers (men) a deal: "If you look at these smart fashion choices from Van Heusen, we're going to show you this."

The video then cuts to the iconic scene from the classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" of actress Phoebe Cates walking out of a swimming pool in a red bikini, dripping wet.

The ad sent women's websites into a tizzy, accusing the company of being sexist, of objectifying women.

Yahoo! News reports that J.C. Penny confirmed it will stop running the ad.

Watch and decide for yourself what the fuss is all about:


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