Video: Fox News' Alisyn Camerota Falsely Claims Workers' Salaries are Higher in 'Right to Work' States


Fox News anchor Alisyn Camerota falsely claimed that workers in 'right-to-work' states make $7,000 more a year than workers in states without right-to-work laws.

Ironically, a Fox News' graphic that appeared during Camerota's report actually got the numbers right (pictured).

Camerota said: "The president said something that was possibly incorrect yesterday. He said that it's legislation like this that will lower workers' wages, when in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in their latest report say that it's the right-to-work states where workers' wages are higher, on average $49,000 versus $42,000. Here are the statistics. So the president was actually inaccurate when he said that this would lower workers' wages."

However, a June 20 Congressional Research Service report stated that the the average annual salary in right-to-work states is $42,465, compared with $49,495 in "union security" states, reports


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