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Video: Daniel Doty Gets Speeding Ticket for Going 0 MPH

The City of Baltimore gave a ticket to driver Daniel Doty for allegedly speeding 38 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

However, photos and video (below) captured by the speed camera showed that his car was stopped at a red light on April 24, reports

Doty told the Baltimore Sun: “It was like someone was so obviously asleep at the switch. I thought that was not supposed to happen.”

Xerox State and Local Solutions, the contractor for the speed and red light cameras, claimed that the citation went through a two-step review to verify accuracy, including a review by a Baltimore police officer.

Baltimore Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi would not state which police officer reviewed Doty’s ticket, but added: “The department finds any error unacceptable.”

Baltimore has collected more than $48 million since starting the speed camera program in 2009.


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