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Video: Cops Use Nightsticks & Mace on "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters

New York City police appear to be running out of patience with "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in the third week of their demonstrations -- cops used their nightsticks and mace on them during their latest march.

The protesters are mainly confined to a park in Lower Manhattan; it's when they venture outside that things get testy.

Wednesday night they decided to march a few blocks, and when they tried to push through a barricade, officers got fed up, according to The Washington Post.

They started swinging their nightsticks and sprayed mace. NYPD brass is still looking into it, but department spokesman Paul J. Browne admitted to The New York Times that one officer “possibly” used mace.

Up to 28 protesters were arrested, a far cry from the 700 arrested during the Brooklyn Bridge demonstration over the weekend.

Before the march even happened, one officer was caught on video joking about using force:


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