Video: CNBC Asks Kim Kardashian About the U.S. Economy

The economy is the number one question these days, and so Kim Kardashian gave her analysis on CNBC (video below).

Kardashian appeared on CNBC to talk about her partnership with cosmetics company BOLDFACE for the Kardashian Khroma Beauty line, reports Mediaite.com.

During the appearance, Kardashian said: "I think that we’ve made definitely some adjustments in the way that we do our buying for our Dash clothing stores. It’s a typical boutique, and we’ve made some adjustments. I have found that within our brand selling to mass, but making the quality as luxury as possible, to mass, is definitely the way to go. It’s definitely a way to sustain retail shops…Our product in this kind of economy."

When it comes to politics, Kardashian said: “It’s a big war in our house. I think I’m really just educating myself and heading down there tomorrow to check it out. That’s about it."


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