Video: Chris Christie Calls on Mitt Romney to Release Tax Returns


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has so far refused to release his income tax returns, although he claims that his tax rate is "closer to 15%," which is lower than most Americans.

Romney has hinted that he may release his tax returns for 2011 in April, even though President Obama has released his tax returns dating back to 2000.

Today, on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Romney endorser, called on Romney to release his tax returns for several years back (video below).

Christie said: "He says he’s going to release them in April, and I hope he does. The fact of the matter is that’s what I would advise him to do…That’s the way I’ve conducted myself in public over time, and I were asked by Governor Romney, that’s what I would urge him to do as well."


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