Video: ‘Black Friday’ Shoppers Get Into Fights, Police Make Arrests


All hell broke loose on that sacred American shopping holiday, 'Black Friday,' with fights in stores all over the country.

In a Philadelphia Walmart, a fight broke out in the electronics section as buyers fought over $200 television sets, but no one was arrested, reports

Shoppers were arrested after trading blows outside a JC Penney store at 1:30 a.m. in Kentwood, Michigan, reports WOOD-TV. Police had to use pepper spray to stop the angry shoppers.

Shopper Samantha Chavez was arrested inside a Walmart in Altamonte Springs, Florida, after cops said she caused trouble in line (video below), reports the NY Daily News.

While being arrested, Chavez rolled on the ground and screamed: “Please stop! I didn’t do anything!”

In Covington, Washington, a couple were reportedly run down by a drunk driver in the parking lot of a Walmart on Thursday night.

The 71-year-old driver hit the couple with his SUV as they were walking toward the store, reports KING-5 TV.

Let's look at some of the heart-warming scenes from around our country today. We start in Mobile, Alabama -- where Walmart shoppers discovered a good deal on sheets:

How about a woman getting arrested for causing trouble on line?

Early this morning in Georgia, shoppers nearly rioted near a display of cell phones (video below).

Some stores and malls are taking extra precautions to head off violence by shoppers.

At the Mall of America in Minneapolis, teens were barred from shopping all day on Friday unless they accompanied by a parent or an adult. 

Mall spokeswoman Bridget Jewel told The Pioneer Press: “Last year we experienced a large influx of youth, more than we had anticipated. We don't want it to turn into a place for people to come and hang out."

In Los Angeles, the LAPD deployed dozens of extra officers around the city on Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times.


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