Unemployed Illinois Man Finds $150,000 in Backyard, Turns it in

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An Illinois man went to his backyard garden to pick some broccoli when he got quite a surprise -- a bag containing $150,000 in cash.

According to the Northwest Herald, Wayne Sabaj is an unemployed carpenter who had to move in with his father in suburban Chicago in these tough financial times. If anyone could use a windfall like this, it was Sabaj. But he called police instead of keeping the money after finding it Monday afternoon.

“I went and spent my last $10 on cigarettes yesterday, but I turned in $150,000,” he said.

Aside from wanting to do the right thing, the 49-year-old Sabaj was concerned about where the money came from, or who might be coming back to retrieve it.

“What if it’s from a bank robbery?” he pondered.

Police suspect the money may be from a commercial or residential robbery that has not yet been reported. They dusted the bag for fingerprints and searched it for other evidence. They also left a business card where the bag was found, just in case the person who left it there comes back.

And if no one claims the money? Police say they will work with Sabaj to see if he can legally claim it.


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