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Underpaid Maine State Troopers Go Without Heat, Eat Roadkill (Video)

The state of Maine froze its pay for state troopers in 2013 to save money, but the austerity measure is hurting families of law enforcement.

Two state troopers recently testified in front of the Maine Legislature in support of a proposal that would restore $6 million to the state's general and transportation funds.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Trooper Jon Brown (pictured) said that he has to feed his family of six children with roadkill, while Trooper Elgin Physic claimed he could not afford furnace oil (video below).

“During the winter seasons, we often have to buy heating oil a few gallons at a time, because we rarely can afford the minimal delivery amount,” said Physic.

“I had to sell my wife’s engagement ring, military souvenirs from the war and other personal items just to make ends [meet],” added Physic.

State records show that Physic was paid $42,712 in pre-tax wages in 2012, while Brown made $37,375.

Brown said his family depends on the state’s Medicaid program and food stamp program, but also relies on roadkill, reports WMTW.

“I am a hunter because the meat I hunt is necessary to feed my family,” Brown stated. “I do not hesitate to collect a deer carcass from the roadway, this is necessary to provide for my family.”

Sources: WMTW and Bangor Daily News


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