Trump University Students Say They Feel Cheated

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Several students of Donald Trump's "Trump University" claim they paid tens of thousands of dollars for basic information that could have been found on the Internet for free.

Bob Guillo claims he spent almost $35,000 on Trump University, but says all he got from the lessons was information that is already on the web and a photo of himself next to a cardboard cut-out of Trump, noted the Daily Mail.

"They told everybody to get their credit card limits raised to buy real estate, but the true purpose was to pay $35,000 for the next bunch of seminars," said Guillo.

He said that the Trump University group seminars were taught by a man who "was flashing his Rolex watch and wearing a very expensive suit and fancy cufflinks as he told us his rags-to-riches story."

"We followed PowerPoint presentations, and they gave us loose-leaf manuals and websites you could pull up on your home computer. We were all scammed."

Nora Hanna claims she paid $17,000 for the Trump University program: "What I learned there, I could read on the Internet."

Hanna claims it took two months to get her money back.

Sema Tekinay says she paid $10,000 in 2009 to Trump University and was supposed to get three courses in New York or New Jersey, but was told the classes would be in Texas and California, and then only online.

A $40 million lawsuit was filed this month against Trump and his Trump University by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who says claims Trump helped run a phony university.

Trump called Schneiderman "a political hack looking to get publicity" and added that Trump University had done a "fantastic job."

Source: Daily Mail


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