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Traffic Tickets Fund Police Pay Raises, Says Atlanta Police Union Email (Video)

An email has surfaced from Atlanta Police Union President Ken Allen to police officers that claims traffic ticket money will fund future pay raises.

The email states: “The mayor has designated traffic court/ticket revenue for future pay increases  ...[This is] the first time ever that a revenue stream has been designated to salaries. Future pay increases are in our hands. We need only enforce traffic violations as we are now, but increase our attendance in court to prevent cases being dismissed."

The email was obtained by WSB-TV through an unidentified Atlanta police source (video below).

“A bunch of people get out of legitimate traffic citations that have already been issued that are beating the system based on how the system is running,” Allen told WSB-TV.

A representative for the mayor’s office said: "There is no push to increase revenues through the writing of additional tickets."

The unnamed police source told WSB-TV that the ticket plan could encourage police officers to write more tickets.

An Atlanta police department representative claims there is no order for cops to write more tickets, nor have police officers been told that ticket writing is tied to their pay.

Source: WSB-TV


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