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Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" Gets Price Hike, No Longer 2 Bucks

Those who love a cheap drink may be upset over the recent hike in price for the popular Trader Joe's wine Charles Shaw, lovingly referred to as "Two-Buck Chuck."

The wine might need a new nickname, as it now costs $2.49. 

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, over the past ten years, Trader Joe's customers paid just $1.99 for a bottle of the wine. 

Shoppers are now joking about potential new names for the wine, like "Inflation Chuck" or "Upchuck."

Last year, the grocery chain sold around 5 million cases of it. 

Bronco Wine Co., the maker of Charles Shaw, said it could keep the price of the wine so low since it owns 45,000 acres of vineyard, insulating it from fluctuations in grape prices. 

After a bad crop year in 2011 and 2012, however, the company was forced to raise the price.


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