Tracy Morgan Won't Save Mom's Home From Foreclosure


Tracy Morgan says he has not spoken to his mother or his sister in many years. His mother got laid off from her job about a year ago and with unemployment running out she has had no way to pay her mortgage and is set to lose her homein foreclosure unless she comes up with 25K.

Tracy offered her $2K and his mom turned it down. Tracy is worth millions but we don't know what is going on inside his head. Probably lots of crazy things with Ooompa Loompas chasing him on red tricycles. Other than that though, if he wants to help his mother or not then it is up to him.

He says he has not seen his mother in 11 years. That is a very long time. Yes, she raised him and I am guessing he has given her money in the past, but he says that for private reasons he chooses to not help her. His mom said Tracy did offer to help but then accused her of selling stories to the media. Hey, a woman needs to make a buck if she has no job.


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