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Top Lacoste Salesmen Groom Fired For Posting Picture Of Paycheck

Living in New York is expensive. Really expensive.

If you make $50,000 a year in the Big Apple, the cost of living is so high that your salary is equivalent to making $24,575 in Houston, Texas.

With how much it costs to live in New York, it’s only to be expected that some people get frustrated.

For former Lacoste salesman Wade Groom, his frustration cost him his job.

Groom was one of Lacoste’s top salesmen. According to a store chart, Groom brought more revenue to his New York store than any other employee. He crushed his company-assigned sales goal for the month by 92%. In his best week, he sold $39,315 worth of merchandise.

On the surface, Groom appears to be paid decently – he made $15 an hour plus 3% commission. Sometimes he’d pull in $1,500 a week. But when you factor in New York expenses, an ex-wife, and two kids, that money gets stretched.

Unhappy with his financial prospects, Groom posted a picture of one of his paychecks to Instagram.

The caption for the picture reads:

“Paycheck. Still silly to me. Ever since I was a kid I’ve thought that it was completely insane that we have to work all our lives. I still feel that way. Especially when it’s only enough to live in a third world apartment with sh**ty everything. Which for some reason in NYC is ok. Anywhere else only trailer trash live this way. I’m done with it.”

While Groom probably posted the photograph as a way to vent frustration, his employer didn’t take kindly to it. Several days after posting the picture, Groom was called into the office of his Lacoste store. It was there that a manager told him he was being fired for breaking his confidentiality agreement with the company.

Livid, Groom insisted that no one could read anything on the picture of the document. He even called the manager that fired him and asked him to read anything from the check using the picture.

“I was holding the actual paycheck in my hand and he couldn’t say what was on it,” Groom said.

But Lacoste proved unforgiving, and Groom is now forced to find another job.

“I’m left with two kids that I need to provide for, it left me in a really bad situation for something I didn’t mean any harm by,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro


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