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Tiny Studio Apartment Rents for $1230

A tiny studio apartment with a bed, kitchen, dining table, chair and sink was recently advertised in London for $1230 per month.

A real estate agent from the company Relocate-Me, who placed the ad for the “fully furnished” apartment, said that he has been bombarded with "abusive phone calls" from members of the public angered by the price.

The ad, posted on, described the rental as a “modern studio apartment” that “comes complete and fully self-contained with its own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette."

The closet-like space also includes a separate toilet and shower.

Relocate-me spokesman Steven Boochoon told The Independent that they "had a fair few people who were keen" on the tiny, expensive rental, which did rent 16 hours after the ad was placed.

However, the studio apartment is now being investigated by London authorities.

"There are basic, minimum standards set in law, a series of risks that are involved in substandard housing, so it will be tested [according to] those," local councilman Paul Convery told The Guardian. "I don't know if it will fall foul of those minimum standards, but I'm damn sure that, if this is a subdivision without planning permission, then the wheels will turn."

However, the owner of the tiny apartment, Andrew Panayi, countered, "The property does have planning. It's been checked several times by the environmental health and the planning department. We have not subdivided units. They didn't photograph the bathroom or the [communal] roof terrace."

Central heating, Internet and unlimited hot water were also included in the price, added Panayi.

Sources: The Guardian and The Independent


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