Time is Money, Especially with the Shredder Clock

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Some people need a little extra motivation when it comes to waking up in the morning. Their snooze bar gets hit eight or nine times before they slowly, begrudgingly wake up.

Not so fast with the Shredder Clock. You'll never miss a key meeting or test with this baby.

According to the wetheurban, who wrote about this nifty little invention, the Shredder Clock isn't even real yet -- but it's a good idea. "This contraption will ensure you understand the literal cost of your morning laziness. The Shredder Clock is just a concept, but it’s a pretty good idea, and a new spin on the notion that money is a great morning motivator. Other alarm clock inventions force you to feed them money before they’ll shut up, or automatically donate to charities that you hate until you get out of bed, but this one lets you see your money going to waste."

You Snooze, You Losevia WeTheUrban


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