Tim Tebow Offered $75 Per Game by Omaha Beef, Indoor Football League

One day after Tim Tebow was let go by the New York Jets, he got an offer from the Omaha Beef to play for $75 per game in the Indoor Football League.

According to CBS New York, Beef assistant general manager Andrew Mather doesn’t expect to hear back from Tebow, but said it was worth trying.

James McNear, who currently is the quarterback for the team, has completed 70 percent of his passes, has 21 touchdowns, two interceptions and has led the team to a 5-1 record so far.

“I think Tim can learn a lot from me,” McNear said.

The Beef tweeted on Tuesday: “We want Tebow!!! Bring us on to talk about it! #tebone.”

In addition to the Beef's offer, the Orlando Predators of the Arena League have offered Tebow a job, as have the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

In perhaps the most bizarre offer, the Legends Football League (also known as the Lingerie Football League) wants Tebow to be a coach.

Tebow became a free agent on Tuesday after the Jets unsuccessfully tried to trade him. While playing for the Jets, the controversial Tebow was leapfrogged by third string quarterback Greg McElroy when Mark Sanchez was benched for a game.

Source: CBS New York


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