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Texas Teacher Returns Lost Bag with $20,000

Candace Scott was quite surprised, as you can imagine, when she stopped her car to pick up a bag on the road and found $20,000 inside of it. 

"It looked like a gallon-size baggie with a blue zipper on top," Scott says. "It just barely caught my eye, and I thought it was money, then was like, `Nah, it's probably a dirty diaper."'

Whereas most might hoot, holler, and celebrate their incredibly good fortune, Scott instead, reading the Chase bank label on the bag, drove to a nearby branch and pounded on the window until someone came to reclaim the dough.

"She told me I'm the most honest person in the world, and I said `or the dumbest,"' Scott says about her 8 a.m. conversation with the teller. Scott is a former middle school teacher in the area. What makes the situation even more irregular is that, currently, she is unemployed.

The bank manager must have thought Scott "had been in an accident or somebody had mugged me," she reports. "I told her `I have y'all's money. She said `What?' and then she thought I was a crazy person. I told her to stay right there while I got it. She saw it and opened that door up as fast as she could."

The bank promptly thanked Scott for her good deed.

Sources: Associated Press


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