Teen Girl's Rendition of Van Halen's Guitar Solo 'Eruption' Goes Viral (Video)

Though Eddie Van Halen was only 22 when he recorded “Eruption,” known to guitar fanatics as one of the greatest guitar solos of all time, a 14-year-old YouTube sensation named Tina S. has shown she’s a worthy successor of Van Halen’s legacy after posting a video of her cover of the famed solo.

In the clip, Tina appears entirely unimpressed as she tears up the minute-and-a-half solo, looking as if it is entirely too easy for her practiced hands. Perhaps she’s just gearing up for her rock star stage façade, but considering she’s just as good as (if not better than, given the clip) many pro-guitarists out there, her stage debut may not be that far away.

Commenters on YouTube also are bowing down to Tina’s other-worldly talent.

“Cancel American Idol ... and give this girl her own show on how she learned to do this!!” wrote nelson49168.

“Pure perfection. It's madness if no record company contracts her now,” wrote avreagera.

YouTubers even seem impressed with you unimpressed Tina looks as she shreds up the solo.

“Her expression while playing: "Man, I've really been wanting to try that new Mexican place downtown. I wonder if Janice would want to do lunch tomorrow. Note to self: call Janice about lunch tomorrow,” wrote TABERNOUCHE.

Tina has posted a few other videos of her playing guitar over the years, some of which date back to when she was only 11 years old, holding an acoustic guitar as big as her.

Sources: Yahoo!, Gawker


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