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Ted Nugent Compares Detroit to Africa, Blames Democrats

Former rock star and current NRA board member Ted Nugent recently said that "liberal democrats" were to blame for the recent bankruptcy in Detroit.

“Liberal democrats took hold of the greatest, most productive city on earth and turned it into a bloodsucker excuse-making hell. Nugent told TMZ. Liberals seem to think that what Mugabe did to destroy the breadbasket of Africa in Zimbabwe is somehow a desirable model. If allowed to continue, our president will do the same to the whole country.”

Nugent failed to mention that the auto industry has outsourced jobs and manufacturing out of the United States in order to make bigger profits with cheaper foreign labor, notes The American Prospect.

Michigan once offered high-paying jobs because of the United Auto Workers Union, which has always been supported by "liberal Democrats."

However, with auto companies moving out of the United States beginning in the 1970s those well-paying union jobs slowly disappeared. Today, only 7 percent of American workers in the private sector jobs belong to a union. Michigan recently passed a "Right to Work" to further strengthen corporations and undercut unions, reported CNN.

Source: TMZ, The American Prospect, CNN


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