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Tebow to Jets? Not so Fast

Numerous reports hit the wire today that the New York Jets had inked a deal with the Denver Broncos to acquire quarterback Tim Tebow in exchange for two late round draft picks. It now appears that those reports were a tad premature.

A Broncos source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the two teams have encountered a critical snag in negotiations related to Tim Tebow's compensation package that could wind up sinking the entire deal.

Tebow currently holds a $6.2 million advance salary with the Broncos, of which $1.2 million has already been paid. The $5 million difference between the two figures would apparently become a New York responsibility if the trade were to go through - hence the snag.

The Jets, who have already committed to a $40 million deal to retain the services of starting QB Mark Sanchez, are angling to stick Denver with the tab for Tebow's advance.

The conflict is apparently serious enough that the St. Louis Rams are already being bandied about as an alternate destination for the unconventional QB. The same source that leaked salary scoop to Schefter suggested that the Rams have indicated they would not be predisposed against picking up the tab for Tebow's salary advance.

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