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Tavis Smiley: Debt Ceiling Agreement is a War on the Poor (VIDEO)

Talk show host Tavis Smiley appeared on CNN (with Professor Cornel West) and slammed the recent debt ceiling agreement, which includes yet-to-be determined cuts in social programs. Smiley and West recently launched 'The Poverty Tour' to raise awareness about poverty in America.

“I think this debt ceiling deal was really a declaration of war on the poor,” Smiley said. “The Congress and the president have declared war on the poor. You can’t sign into law legislation that raises the debt ceiling but opens up a crater in the floor.”

Smiley added, “Put another way, no unemployment extensions for poor people, no closing of a single corporate loophole, not one new tax on the rich and the lucky – so once again the corporations get off scot-free, Wall Street and the big banks get off scot-free, yet all these cuts aimed at the poor.”


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