Target Apologizes For Selling Plus-Size 'Manatee Gray' Dresses


Target has issued an apology after naming a plus-size dress after an animal that is sometimes called a sea cow.

Customers took offense with the megastore saying that its "plus-size kimono maxi dress" came in the color manatee gray. Regular sizes were "dark heather gray," but the larger size received the "manatee" label.

After irritated customers began tweeting about the insensitive mistake, Target pulled the dresses off its website and issued an apology.

Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede said the retailer was sorry for "any discomfort" and never intended to offend. She added that it was “an unintentional oversight.” Deede also noted that the color was "seasonal" at Target.

Apparently many other items on the store’s website are also offered in manatee gray, including towels, placemats, bath rugs and pillows.

In addition to those items, the store also sells books about manatees, in paperback and hardcover, and men's short-sleeve T-shirts in manatee gray.

Michelle Ho, a Target shopper at Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn, said that Target was “putting down one set of people over another” with the different labels.

Sources: LA Times, CBS Local


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