Target Apologizes for Listing Plus-Size Dress as 'Manatee Gray'


Target has apologized for listing a plus-size dress with the caption "manatee gray" on its website.

Shopper Susan Clemens noticed that the same dress in a smaller size was described as "dark heather gray," reports

Clemens took screenshots of the different dresses and tweeted the pictures to Target's Twitter account.

Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede apologized for the labeling of the dress and said that it was ''an unintentional oversight" and the company was "fixing the discrepancy."

Deede spoke to multiple media outlets in an effort to calm and soothe Target shoppers, who may have been offended by the words "manatee gray."

"Manatee gray is actually a seasonal color that is used across product categories on, from apparel items to home items. This was an unintentional oversight," Deede told

"We will take this opportunity to learn. There were two teams working on uploading products to and there was a discrepancy."

“We never want to offend any of our guests. We apologize for any discomfort that we may have caused, ” Deede told

"We are in the process of fixing the discrepancy and updating so the gray dress will be available in all styles. We’re working on updating our systems right now.”

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