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Superman Film 'Man of Steel' Sets Record for Product Placement (Video)

The highly-anticipated Superman film "Man of Steel" opens today, but has already earned $160 million before ever hitting theaters, thanks to its record-setting product placements (video below).

Product placement is when outside companies pay filmmakers to include their products in the film. For example, Clark Kent (Superman's alter-ego) is seen drinking Caspi Sun several times and shaving with Gillette razors (pictured).

According to Business Week, more than 100 companies paid to have their products in the action film, directed by Zack Snyder ("Watchmen") and produced by Christopher Nolan ("Batman" trilogy).

The $160 million helps offset the movie's $225 million budget, notes Now This News, knocking the actual cost down to $65 million before box office earnings.

This darker version of the Superman saga, starring Henry Cavill, has garnered mixed reviews by critics, reports, but is still predicted to have a huge weekend.

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