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Suicidal Man in Hyundai ‘Pipe Job’ Ad Draws Criticism

A new Hyundai ad showing a man attempting to commit suicide by pumping fumes from his car’s exhaust pipe into his taped-up vehicle is drawing criticism.

The ad ends with the man leaving the vehicle unharmed because the Hyundai model he is sitting in has 100 percent water emissions.

Titled “pipe job,” the commercial was named as the “ad of the day” by media website the Drum and was also heralded by the Guardian. According to the Drum, “This viral is bound to put the cat among the pigeons but even its harshest critics won’t be able to deny that it manages to communicate its message.”

Ad copywriter Holly Brockwell had a different take about the ad. She wrote an emotional blog post on the subject. Brockwell’s father ended his life in the same manner that was depicted in the commercial, Metro reported. Her post reads:

As an advertising creative, I would like to congratulate you on achieving the visceral reaction we all hope for. On prompting me to share it on my Twitter page and my blog. I would not like to congratulate you on making me cry for my dad.

When your ad started to play, and I saw the beautifully-shot scenes of taped-up car windows with exhaust feeding in, I began to shake. I shook so hard that I had to put down my drink before I spilt it. And then I started to cry.

... So I’d like to ask that next time you want to tell the world about a new innovation in car design, you think about it for a little bit longer. Think about me. Think about my dad. And the thousands of other suicide victims and the families they left behind.

The commercial is below:

Sources: MetroUproxx 


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