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Study: Women Want Men to Spend Half a Week's Pay on their Christmas Present

According to a new survey in the UK, commissioned by Golden Square Shopping Center, women want their men to spend half a week’s salary on their Christmas presents.

The average salary for men in Britain is about $49,415, in U.S. dollars. Half the weekly pay, at this salary, would mean that women are expecting gifts worth almost $475.

The Daily Mail reports that women want designer goods such as Burberry coats and Louboutin heels, which actualy cost more than $475.

Men are expecting less expensive presents at around $250, based on the average woman’s salary in the U.K.

According to founder Brandon Wade: "What this shows is that girls love to be treated like princess and spoiled. It might be a cliche, but the sexiest thing about a man to many women is his wallet. Women want to be pampered and they expect men to spend far more on them than they do on their men."


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