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Study: Employers Discriminate Against People Unemployed for Over Six Months

A new report by the The Atlantic says that employers intentionally screen out people who have been unemployed for more than six months, even if their resume has the exact same work experience as someone who has been unemployed for less than six months.

The age, blue-collar or white-collar job sector, education did not matter as much as how long someone has been out of work.

Rand Ghayad, a PhD candidate in economics at Northeastern University, mailed out 4800 resumes to 600 job openings, with 3600 of the resumes representing fake unemployed people.

According to Ghayad's study, employers want people who haven't been out of work for very long, have industry experience, and haven't moved between jobs very often.

The Atlantic states:

But after you've been out of work for six months, it doesn't matter what experience you have. Quite literally... the first thing employers look at is how long you've been out of work, and that's the only thing they look at if it's been six months or longer.

Long-term unemployment is a terrifying trap. Once you've been out of work for six months, there's little you can do to find work. Employers put you at the back of the jobs line, regardless of how strong the rest of your resume is.

In 2011, ABC News did a story on how people over the age of 50 who are unemployed find it very difficult to find a new job (video below).

Sources: The Atlantic and ABC News


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