States that Collect the Most and Least Income Tax


The Tax Foundation recently released a report on which states pay the most and least in state income tax.

New York took in $1,796 on average per person, while Connecticut was in second place with $1,616 average per person in state income taxes.

Following those two states were: Massachusetts ($1,549), Oregon ($1,293), California ($1,229), Minnesota ($1,219), New Jersey ($1,176), Hawaii ($1,127) Virginia ($1,086) and
Maryland ($1,077).

For states that collect the least amount of taxes, New Hampshire came in first by collecting an average of $63 per person.

Following New Hampshire, were: Arizona ($379), North Dakota ($454), Mississippi ($456), New Mexico ($466), South Carolina ($473), Louisiana ($506), Alabama ($543), Michigan ($555), Oklahoma ($585) and Indiana ($597).

The states that have no state income tax are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.


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