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St. Louis Bartender Receives $200,000 Tip, Bank Won't Honor It

It’s every bartender’s dream come true: you go in to work, serve drinks as usual, and some generous and wealthy customer leaves a tip big enough to pay for a vacation or twenty.

One bartender and redditor was this close to seeing that dream come true yesterday.

Reddit user randomdazee works at a St. Louis bar. Yesterday, a woman and her sister came in and started ordering drinks. Lot of drinks. Throughout their visit, the customer kept saying things to the bartender about what a big tipper she was and how she would take care of her.

“Don’t tell my sister how I tip,” she said. “I’m your guardian angel today.”

No big deal right? People say things like this all the time to bartenders in order to get good service.

When the woman and her sister left, it seemed like she really meant what she was saying. Her bill was $111. She left a $200,000 tip.

Elated, our lucky bartender ran up to management to tell them the news. Her manager decided to call the credit card company to figure out how to process the massive tip. Here’s where the not-so-exciting part of this story starts.

The credit card company informed the bartender and her managers that excessive tips are not honored by banks. On top of that, our bartending friend learned that leaving outlandish tips on a bill is a common trick used by customers to avoid paying a bill altogether. A customer writes an extremely large tip, then when the restaurant tries to process the tip, they call the credit card company claiming that the huge tip is obviously a fraud. Case closed.

Lucky this down and out bartender, her managers still decided to tip her out 20% on the bill.

In case you’re wondering, 20% of a $111 bill is about $22. That’s a lot less than $200,000. 

Source: Reddit, Huffington Post


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