Splash of colors in quality kitchen cabinets

In last section we helped you completely with cleaning kitchen cabinets as part of maintenance. Maintenance is simple procedure if segregated well, hence today as we mentioned to discuss re-painting of kitchen cabinets to obtain entirely new kitchen cabinets, user friendly way . Painting can also be viewed as fun collective activity for home improvement. Kitchen being very functional part and significant room of home requires few timely modifications for pleasant, welcoming and alluring feel for members and visitors. Cook room can be made aesthetic and very antique in cost effective manner and can be turned into bright refreshing place to relax after hectic day . Every corner should come alive, be efficient and very functional.

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Re- painting cabinets is like instant makeover or like changing their old worn out attire. Painting is very reasonable option for expensive home renovating project, in which usually kitchens demands more price. Colors are very important to anyone as they uplift and decorate place by enhancing the basic aspects. You can light the dark shade of closets with pastel colors like white with pink or aqua wall color or make light shade cabinets dark like paint Ready to assemble Cabinets to cherry color for rustic and warm feel. Painting will convert entire palatial with quality kitchen cabinets. Remember, that paints get adhered to laminate and melamine surfaces which can make you go wrong from increasing the value of home.

Set yourself and prepare for painting wood kitchen cabinets:

Step1: Strip out all the torn surfaces and remove them completely, so that paint application area is clearly visible.

Step 2:
Remove all the hardware like knobs, elongated chunky pullovers and screws. Clean every corner of kitchen cabinet till entirely dirt frees.

Once, cabinets are neat, then again clean those with wood cleaner containing orange oil. Wood cleaner is primarily used to remove all grease or general stains over wood .

Make sure to rub off the surface till it is very smooth enough and dry for application of primer.

Step 5:
After, this process if you feel that any rough edges are left then make it plain with sand paper and again clean the sawdust.

Step 6:
Finally, apply one coat of primer sealer on cabinet doors. Begin brushing of primer from centre of doors to grain portion of cabinet panels. Primer sealer application enables you not to remove saw dust and diglots after painting, as it conceals surface.

Cooking with colorful yet inexpensive kitchen cabinets:

You can choose from semi gloss to high gloss paint. Semi gloss is more popular due to its thick texture and attractive finish which provides rich and cozy look especially in dark shades. You should always apply paint with superior quality brush as 2 - 3 coats of paint are required. Kitchen will look phenomenal and very alluring if bright colors like hue of red like cherry or yellow stain are well collaborated, it should not be overdone. Thin layers around borders should be applied for quality finish and each coat should be left to dry at least for 4 hours.

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Always start painting from base and move upwards. You can use different colors as per your imagination and use accordingly raised panels of Maple Kitchen Cabinets for classy, elegant yet authentic appearance.


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