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South Korean Woman Earns $9,300 a Month by Eating Online (Video)

Park Seo-Yeon, who uses the online name "The Diva," claims she makes $9,300 a month by allowing people to watch her eat via webcam.

Seo-Yeon, who lives in South Korea, starts her hours-long online meal each night at 8 p.m. That's when thousands of people watch her on

Her high pay comes from fans who send her donations, but why?

"A lot of my viewers are on diets and they say they live vicariously through me, or they are hospital patients who only have access to hospital food so they also watch my broadcasts to see me eat," Seo-Yeon told CNN (video below).

"One of the best comments I ever received from a viewer who said that she had gotten over her anorexia by watching me eat," added Seo-Yeon. "That really meant a lot to me."

Seo-Yeon is one of many "eating rooms" that people can watch on Afreeca TV, which hosts the webcasts, notes UPI.

Afreeca TV spokeswoman Serim An says the success of the eating rooms is because of "the rise of one-person households in Korea, their ensuing loneliness and finally the huge trend of 'well-being culture' and excessive dieting in Korean society right now."

Sources: UPI and CNN


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