South Carolina Man Wins Lottery Twice in Four Months

A Rock Hill, S.C., man has been lucky enough to win the lottery not once but twice in the last four months. The man, who has chosen not to have his identity revealed as is his right under South Carolina law, bought both of his winning tickets at gas stations that were located less than one mile away from each other.

According to NBC affiliate WCNC, both winning tickets cost $10 and the game that the mystery man was playing is called “The Color of Money.” The game has six major prizes available for ticket-buyers to win, and the unknown gentleman has now won two of them. Each of his winning tickets had a prize of $200,000.

The second of the two winning tickets that were purchased came from Elliot's Exxon. A cashier at the store, Stephanie Korn, said that she knew the man’s identity but was not allowed to reveal his name. From her description, it sounded as if winning the lottery for the second time was no big deal for the lucky guy.

“He just came in and said, 'I just won $200,000.' He wasn't jumping up and down. I would have been jumping up and down screaming," Korn said.

According to The Huffington Post, the odds of winning the lottery once are lower than the chances of an individual becoming President of the United States. Mathematically, the odds could be as high as five trillion to one.

While the man’s name has not been revealed, news has leaked about what he plans to do with the winnings. He reportedly will put the cash he got from the first ticket towards his children’s education and use the proceeds from his second big winner as a retirement fund.

Source: WCNC


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