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Should Woman Return Engagement Ring if She Calls Off Wedding?

A Los Angeles man has filed a lawsuit against his former fiancee demanding the return of his engagement ring after she backed out of their wedding. So the question is: should a woman return the ring if she is the one who calls off the marriage?

In this case a fellow named William Brahms wants his former flame Irene Puspita to return the ring. He must have really loved her -- he said the 2.3 carat ring is worth $43,000, the Daily Breeze reports.

His lawsuit claims that four months ago Puspita "refused to enter into the contemplated marriage with (Brahms) by informing him that she did not want to announce to family and friends that she was engaged ... thereby reneging on her promise to marry (Brahms)."

In other words, she dumped him.

The suit said Brahms asked for the ring back but Puspita refused.

So what do you think -- should she give it back?


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