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Shoplifter Bryson Dewberry Sues Store Owner for Shooting Him During Crime

Bryson Dewberry was shot in the face by store owner Chang Ho Yi after shoplifting a bottle of vodka from the Austin Bluffs Plaza Liquor Store in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dewberry has filed a lawsuit against Yi and is asking for $100,000 for pain and suffering from the October 25, 2010 shooting, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette.

According to the lawsuit, Yi chased Dewberry out of the store with a .357 revolver and shot Dewberry, who was in his getaway car.

The bullet hit Dewberry in the chest and his jaw. An unidentified 17 year old, in the car, was also hit by the bullet reports KDVR-TV.

After being shot, Dewberry and the 17 year old went a Colorado Springs hospital, according to police.

Dewberry's lawsuit claims Yi behaved “negligently and recklessly” even though Dewberry posed no physical threat.

Dewberry claims that he has been disfigured and suffered wounds that require ongoing speech therapy.


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