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Shoe Shiner Albert Lexie Donates $200K from Tips to Children in Need

For 32 years, Albert Lexie has been shining shoes at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

A shoe shine costs $5, but Lexie said customers have been generous with their tips since he started working there in 1981.

“Most of them give $6, some of them give $7,” Lexie told WTAE-TV.

Lexie gives all of his tips back to parents of sick children who can’t afford to pay medical costs.

Lexie, who drives a 1988 car, has given about $200,000 so far..

“I think he does it because he loves the kids,” said Dr. Joseph Carcillo. “He's donated over a third of his lifetime salary to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund. He's a philanthropist, is what he is. He's an entrepreneur.”

Apparently, what goes around, comes around for Lexie.

“I had a doctor who gave me a $50 bill for Christmas,” Lexie said. “It’s good to be a hero.”

In 2010, for his good works, Lexie was flown to California for Major League Baseball's All-Star Game (video below).

Source: WTAE-TV


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