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Sex Shop Ordered to Get Food Permit Because of Edible Undies

Shades of Love is your standard sex shop, selling racy lingerie, toys, videos, etc. But officials in San Antonio say in order for the business to stay open, it must obtain a food permit. Why? Two words -- edible underwear.

Store owner Rosemary Benitez thought it was a joke at first. "Everything is sold as novelty. Everything in the box says 'novelty item' only... It's not something you sit down and actually eat," Benitez told KENS-TV. "It's more for licking and tasting. Edible? No. It's not going to fill you up."

But it was no joke. "Any facility in the city of San Antonio that sells edible substance requires a food establishment permit," San Antonio's Sanitarian Services Manager Stephen Barschewski said. "One, it's the law. Two, in case there's a recall, we certainly want to know the source."

A recall of edible undies? "I don't think you would actually eat, lick, or taste enough of this that it would cause a big problem. It's absurd to me," said Benitez.

The permit costs about $230 a year. It also means the store is subject to regular health inspections.

The TV station says many department stores and even auto parts shops are also required to have food permits. The reason is because they sell chocolate bars.


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