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Send Out Cards - How To Get All The Referrals You Can Handle

In a recent package received from the direct mail expert and Magnetic Marketing expert, Dan Kennedy, was a package from a vendor who specializes in mailing lists to send out cards, specifically birthday cards.  The recommendation was to send birthday cards to create a list of business referrals.

Another technique to get the attention of a business prospect was to send a package that was out of the ordinary that was sure to be opened.  The message inside was sure to be read.

These services all require you to hire a service that is outside of your company and usually involve contacting strangers.  You lose control, pay retail costs for the work, and do not maintain the information in house.

Your business, like all businesses, probably could use more business.  More customers and more business from existing customers are the major ways of getting more cashflow along with getting customers to buy at higher prices and more frequently.

You can have all the referrals you can handle, simply by using a service like send out cards.  You can do it in house and easily input your existing customer list and then add new customers and prospects as you go.  You can even upload entire spreadsheets of names, addresses and other data.

Tim Templeton, in his excellent book “The Referral Of A Lifetime” talks about the need to maintaining contact with clients and touching them with cards as well as gifts during the year.  The Send Out Cards website allows you to schedule sending cards as well as entire campaigns of sequenced cards.  It also will keep track of what cards have been sent, anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates.

Want to get a prospective customer’s attention?  How about sending a card with his picture on the outside of the card and your signature inside, signed in blue ink?  This Send Out Cards system provides tools that every business must have to take business to new heights.

Take a test drive and send a card to your wife, husband, or significant other (or even to yourself) with a free gift account.

Watch this video to see how a Send Out Cards account works.


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