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Seen Mitt Romney's Budget? Neither has Paul Ryan

The pundits thought that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate because Ryan had a budget. After all, it was the Ryan’s Budget that passed the House of Representatives in both 2011 and 2012.

They were conservative budgets, calling for cuts of up to 25% in most major domestic programs. And Romney had said he’d sign the Ryan Budget if he were elected president.

But suddenly, after announcing that Paul Ryan was their vice presidential pick, the Romney
camp realized that they could not use the Ryan Budget as their own. On closer examination,
Americans were angered about the cuts and the tax breaks. It even got the Republican Red Dogs howling.

That’s because the Ryan Budget calls for the eventual privatization of Medicare, gutting
Medicaid, and giving wealthy Americans a $262,000 tax break. And it keeps the deficit at about a trillion dollars to cover increased defense spending.

When Ryan found out that Romney disavowed Ryan’s very own budget, he was left speechless. Now, without a budget in hand, Representative Ryan appeared on Fox News and could not answer even the simplest questions about the Romney’s fiscal plans.

Unsaid was the fact that there is no Romney Budget. Even when Romney is asked for details, Mitt has always said he will get to that in the fall or after he is elected.

Confused? Don’t worry about it. A lot of people have been left wondering why there is no
Romney Budget.

Folks are also saying you cannot simply wing it and expect to get to the White House. Others are still demanding to know how much money Romney is hiding in his Cayman Island and Bermuda personal tax shelters.

While the Republican camp tries to explain away these omissions, Romney has gone back to the Republican “just say no” strategy. If it’s in the Obama Budget, or if Obama likes it, “just say no” to it. That’s what Romney did on ObamaCare yesterday.

ObamaCare revitalizes medical treatment across the entire U.S. for every citizen, including
seniors. ObamaCare increases the taxes on wealthy Americans to pay for it. And Medicare
hospitalization and doctor visits are poised to become more effective.

What’s Romney’s “just say no” answer on this one? “I’ll end ObamaCare on the first day in
office,” he swore to at campaign event in Ohio yesterday. “And I’ll restore the $750 billion that ObamaCare steals from Medicare.”

Unsaid, here, by Romney, is that ObamaCare increases healthcare benefits for all Americans. Seniors have already gotten reduced prices on their medications. The idea of a $750 billion in cuts to senior’s healthcare coverage is purely a statistically manufactured lie.

Meanwhile, there still is no Romney Budget.

And House Budget Committee Chair, Paul Ryan, the vice presidential nominee of the
Republican Party, does not know what to say about it. Word has it that he’ll just have to get used to Romney’s stand on the budget—that they’ll get back to us in the fall.


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