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Sarah Palin Denies Global Warming Because it Snowed it Alaska

Sarah Palin, known for her intellectual astuteness, claims global warming is just a myth because it snowed in Alaska this month.

Weather and climate, however, are two very different concepts which the former governor of Alaska has repeatedly failed to acknowledge.

Palin posted on her Facebook over the weekend of her youngest daughter Piper playing in the snow after graduation, captioning it, “Global warming my gluteus maximus. This is what 'Grad Blast' means in Alaska! We'll move our graduation b-b-q indoors and watch the mini-blizzard from 'round the fireplace."

Palin has consistently denied global warming is occurring, insisting that people have played no role in changing the climate.

Despite Palin’s clear expertise on the matter, 97 percent of climatologists have defied the keen reasoning of her gluteus maximus, arguing that global warming is in fact occurring, and humans are to blame.

To Palin's credit, many scientists have found that the globe is warming up at a slower rate than is commonly reported, but it is nevertheless still heating up regardless of last weekend’s forecast in Alaska. 

Sources: Huffington Post, The Blaze


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