Sarah Hamilton-Parker Calls Police on Salvation Army Workers for Ringing Bells

Sarah Hamilton-Parker recently called the police on Salvation Army workers ringing bells for hours in front of her Portsmouth, New Hampshire shop.

Hamilton-Parker told the Portsmouth Herald: “I listen to this for 200 hours a year. This is my fourth year and I can’t take it anymore. I’m so sick of it. It makes me hate Christmas.”

Hamilton-Parker says that for five weeks out of every year, from morning to night, she hears Salvation Army workers ringing bells.

Hamilton-Parker asked the Salvation Army for quiet, tried to drown out the noise with ear plugs and finally called police.

Police Capt. Mike Schwartz told the Portsmouth Herald: "I recognize her concern, but it’s something the city has given permission for. They don’t even let me pick out my own clothes, so I don’t have a say in it. But you do have a voice in city government. These are not back-room decisions.”

Salvation Army Northern New England Division representative Pat James is investigating the complaint, including the idea of giving ringers a bell that doesn’t ring.

James said the location near Hamilton-Parker’s store is good for raising money and hoped to find a solution for everyone.


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