San Francisco's New Bart Trains to be Made in the USA

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San Francisco is replacing its entire fleet of BART trains, the oldest in the nation, with a new one that is made in the U.S.A. However, some of the money it pays will still be going overseas.

"We are instituting a 'Buy American' policy so that we can help put America back to work," said BART board President John McPartland.

Fox News reports BART will spend $3.2 billion to buy 775 new cars for the transit system. BART is the first system to give preference to companies which make most of the cars here.

"If somebody offers us more than 60 percent, in terms of domestic components, we can give them a bid preference in recognition of the fact that they may be spending more money to buy those U.S. components," said Dick Wieczorek, head of BART'S procurement department.

As well intentioned as officials are, the three companies in consideration for the contract are all foreign businesses. They have assembly plants in the U.S, so while they are employing American workers, the profits will not remain in the country.

Another downside -- this will cost BART more money, and there's only one way to make up the cash.

“They [BART] already admit in their paperwork that the cost is going to be 5% to 10% greater as a result of this process than it would have been otherwise,"  said economist James Fortier. "Those dollars have to come from somewhere, and most likely they're going to come from the riders."


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