Rush Limbaugh -- "Obama is Ruining the Economy"


Today on his radio show Rush Limbaugh explained why President Obama and the Democrat's economic plan is leading Americans to financial disaster.

"How can economic forecasts get gloomier after the Porkulus bill and the Earmarkulus bill were passed and the bailout of the auto companies and shakin' it to the banks and taking it to AIG and "fixing" Wall Street? How can the forecasts get worse after all of these stimulants, these stimulants -- the make-work jobs, the shovel-ready jobs, the roads and bridge repair, all the repair work on the schools, all of the new jobs that are going to be "saved and created." How in the hell can that not be happening after all that we have stimulated this economy with? We have stimulated this economy so far to the tune of a $2 trillion deficit this year and a grand total of $11 trillion in deficits over the next ten-years if this stuff doesn't change. And we were told by Barack Obama that only government -- the government was the only entity that could -- fix this problem.

"Obama and Pelosi and Dingy Harry and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd said that we had all the answers, that we can borrow and spend our way out of this. In fact, that's the only thing that we could do! The only solution we had was to borrow and spend our way out of it. So they spent all the money and then some, and things are getting worse and they're forecast get worse? Okay, so let's add it up. This crowd was wrong about Iraq. They're wrong about Guantanamo Bay. They were wrong about General Petraeus. They were wrong that Americans want bigger government and higher taxes. The odds are that this bunch is wrong about the economy, too."

To read a full transcript of the show, click here.


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