Is Romney’s Bain Capital a Front Organization for Criminals?

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It’s now known that Romney set up Bain Capital as a front organization for Panamanian shell companies to invest in.

The first Bain investors put their money into dummy companies registered there. Then, the money was transferred to Bain in the U.S. The scheme benefited the families of South American dictators.

Some of the clients included wealthy Salvadorian families, who held control over the country by assassination. Tanfani, Mason, and Gold, reporters for the L.A. Times, gave a prime example. Arturo de Sola is serving time for fraud.

His brother was a Salvadorian death squad assassin. When the de Sola family moved their money off shore during the revolution, Romney put it in a shell company in Panama.

Then, the shell company transferred the money to Bain for investments in the U.S. Another Salvadorian family, which held power by the use of paramilitary tactics, now owns Grupo Poma.

Ricardo Poma funded the murderous ARENA Party that held power through the use of death squads. Ricardo was an initial investor in Bain through a front company in Panama. The Daily Kos reported this as far back as 2008, but no one seemed to take it seriously.

Any way you look at it, Bain Capital was founded as separate front organization for money that the parent organization, Bain and Company, did not want to touch. To this day it is a place for the wealthy to hide their money.

This is why Ann Romney said in an ABC interview with Robin Roberts that, “We’ve given all you people need to know about our financial situation.” Any more information like this would, of course, end the Romney presidency.


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