Romney Praises Obama's Speech At Interfaith Service for Boston Victims


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney praised President Obama and his speech at an interfaith church service memorializing the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Romney was interviewed on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” where he praised the President’s address to the victims. The former Massachusetts governor also expressed the importance of learning from tragedies such as this, as well as the role his faith plays in times of crisis.

“I thought the President gave a superb address to the people of this city and the state and the nation," Romney said. "It was an inspiring day."

Romney has deep ties to Boston, as it was his campaign headquarters as well as where his son Tagg founded his investment firm, Solamere Capital.

The current Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick invited Romney and other former governors to the interfaith service at a Boston Cathedral, which Romney expressed as a hopeful sign of solidarity and political commitment to getting justice for the victims.

After the FBI released photos of two suspects on Thursday, Boston was plagued yet again with a series of terrorizing events related to the two men.

According to the New York Times, the two suspects, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, are responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, which killed three and injured more than 170, as well as a convenience store robbery, a carjacking in which one man was held hostage for 30 minutes, as well as the fatal shooting of Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer early Friday morning.

Police cornered the brothers in a violent showdown in Watertown, a neighborhood outside of Boston, early Friday morning. During the stand-off, which involved heavy gunfire from both police officers and the suspects, as well as another bomb detonation, the elder brother Tamerlan was killed. The younger brother was able to escape after jumping into an SUV and charging through the police barrier.

Romney expressed in the interview the importance of learning from incidents such as this in order to better protect the nation from future attacks.

"This is a learning opportunity," Romney said. "We should learn the lessons that come from this and apply them to the extent that we possibly can."

Romney also spoke about how his own faith helps him come to terms with tragic events.

"I believe very deeply that we have a creator and that he loves us and cares for us," he said. "But when he actually intervenes in the affairs of the people on this earth – it's something that happens only rarely – and when that happens and why that happens and who that happens to is something that we don't understand."

Sources: Politico, CNN


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